Friday, January 8, 2010

Very high level of animated creativity

Finally, the animator wins ;-)

Another one (2nd version)

Great mimes

If you don't know Umbilical Brothers, I strongly recommend to watch this ;-)

Another video - you can find a lot on Google vidéo.

Post it / sticky notes

Quite amazing what they can do with only those small piece of sticky paper!!!

What women want / what men want

Might be realistic.

Frozen people

What if suddenly all people around you were totaly frozen?

Amazing mechanics

Quite incredible video using "car components".

Cardstack master - 22 000 cards

The capitol in 22 000 cards!!!

Serious numbers

I previously wrote a text about "What if world was compared to a 100 persons company?".
This video summarizes it quite well.

Animated cascade

Just click on the link and wait few seconds, nice ads :

Oh, turning on sound is recommended.